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World-class dedicated servers and cloud hosting;
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Do You Need Reliable Hosting?

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quality at a competitive price

  • State-of-the-art US & EU datacentres
  • Enterprise class servers for the most resource intensive needs
  • Distributed storage technology available
  • No single point of failure for the epitome of reliability
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Close-knit customer support to cater to your every need
  • Hosting solutions packed with features


Why choose Clouvider?

  • 100% Uptime
    Redundant internet and power connections, distributed storage and cloud technology means there is no single point of failure for genuine 100% uptime.
  • Multiple PoP's
    Based in our world class US & EU datacentres, with a state of-the-art MPLS infrastructure offering multiple, redundant tier-1 backbone connections for rapid global speeds.
  • Performance
    Supermico enterprise servers with the latest Intel CPU's and hosting plans packed with resources give you flawless performance for even the most demanding requirements.
  • UK Support
    Personal phone, e-mail and live chat support with our UK support team to look after your every need, offering 24/7/365 tech support for the most urgent issues.
Falzo Mad

Clouvider and it's CEO Dominik are one of the most professional service providers I've ever met in the hosting industry. I have been a B2B customer to a lot of different providers (20+) for dedicated and virtual servers in the last years, but Clouvider easily made it into my (very few) personal favorites.

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Ben Harrison

We moved to Clouvider a few months ago as our previous provider was no-longer able to provide us the level of support we needed. We've operated our own dedicated servers for almost 10 years as a web development company and have used 6-7 different hosting.

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Adrian Smith

If you are looking for a reliable hosting solution then I'd recommend Clouvider. My previous hosting providers customer support was poor and took 12-24 hours to reply but Clouvider replies to my queries in minutes!

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Edward Davies

An excellent experience. Fast commissioning of our new server. Great network speed with quality hardware, My hesitance to bring my hosting back to the UK quickly vanished. Can't comment on customer support yet as I have had no reason to get in touch (A win to say the least!) Easy to use customer portal that pleasant on the eyes! Top marks!

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