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Things to think about when choosing a dedicated server

Upgrading your web-hosting options to a dedicated server is a sure way to making your life easier and ensuring your hosting service is much more reliable. If you are still at the considering stage, then a number of points are worth bearing in mind when selecting a hosting package. Do I need a dedicated server and if so, why? Surely the most essential question concerns what you would need a dedicated server for. There are two principal reasons: you need a [...]


What are the benefits of local colocation datacentres?

For the vast majority of growing businesses operating online today, colocation really is a great idea. It means you don’t have the burden of having to house your own servers on-site – with the servers stored in the cloud – whilst continuing to have physical control over their systems. The benefits of a local colocation data centre are numerous. It’s a real cost saver for start-ups and businesses working to tight budgets, as you don’t need to spend mega bucks [...]