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Dedicated vs Colocation vs Cloud – Servers explained

If you are confused about the difference between dedicated, colocation and cloud servers, you are not alone. When trying to choose the best option for your business, it's easy to get lost in complicated industry jargon. Here are the simple explanations of these complicated concepts. Dedicated servers A dedicated server owned by a provider is rented to you for a monthly fee. Only the client has access to the server and it is not shared with anyone else. The host [...]


Why using a managed dedicated server makes business sense

In the modern business world, choosing the best hosting solution for your company website is essential. Your online presence is naturally vital if you operate solely this way, but also if you own physical stores too. Very often, your website and how it performs will be a potential customer's first impression of you. Get it right and they will come back for more! Dedicated to your business alone Dedicated servers themselves have long been a favourite hosting solution for many businesses [...]