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About virtual private servers (VPS)

Businesses looking for the benefits of dedicated servers, without the costs, could do well to look at virtual private servers (VPS). A VPS service provides an isolated virtual environment created by a physical server through the virtualisation process. Effectively it provides customised server solutions at a fraction of the costs associated with dedicated servers. What's more, VPS's are extremely scalable, giving you the ability to add or remove resources anytime and only pay for what you're using. More about virtual [...]


Critical skills for IT teams

Even one hour of business downtime equates to catastrophe for most companies, so maintaining an effective IT team is critical to continued business success and effectiveness. Some of the most critical skills for IT teams are discussed below. Software development Trained IT staff need to be aware of how software is being implemented within the business and the ways in which it's utilised to ensure optimal results at all times. Even when companies use off the shelf software solutions, the [...]


Why choose VPS hosting?

A VPS or virtual private server is part of a physical server housed at the data centre of your hosting provider. The physical server is often split up into different dedicated servers, shared servers and virtual private servers. Basic sites tend to use shared servers. As your site grows and traffic increases, you may want to upgrade to a VPS server. This is because a VPS allows for more customisation and control. Greater reliability Shared servers are on their way out. [...]