Why your business should make the switch to the private cloud in 2017

Why your business should make the switch to the private cloud in 2017

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Is your New Year’s resolution to make your business more agile? If you’ve resolved to do things smarter, faster and more efficiently this year then you need a private cloud solution. The private cloud offers security, flexibility and improved reliability for the business that wants to be more competitive in 2017.

Increased security

With a private cloud solution, your data doesn’t just sit ‘somewhere in the (public) cloud’. You’ll know exactly where your servers are located and, more importantly, how they’re maintained and secured.

Greater reliability

If reliability and network performance is fundamental to the way you do business, then now is the time to transition to the private cloud. If you’re using a third-party provider, look for an SLA that guarantees uptime and server performance. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of faster backup and rapid access to your information because there’s no competition for resources.

Flexibility and scalability

A private cloud can be configured to your company’s unique needs and you’ll enjoy the benefits of seamless scalability to efficiently manage your data through the use of virtual rather than physical machines. The private cloud is more flexible too, meaning you can minimise usage spikes and implement new applications with ease by shifting workloads dynamically among your servers.

Cost-effective and efficient

The private cloud may be a relatively new concept, but it’s based on proven technology. By offering the benefits of pooled resources and virtualisation for efficient data handling with the security and reliability of a dedicated server, the private cloud can make data management much less of a hassle for your company. Private cloud solutions can also offer significant cost savings because you’re not paying for underutilised equipment.

Implementing your own private cloud can be complex, with high start-up and maintenance costs and the need for a dedicated IT team to support and maintain the network. A third-party solution offers all the benefits of the private cloud without the hassle. At Clouvider, we can offer a full range of private cloud services, hosted on UK dedicated servers at our London datacentre. So why not contact us today to start your transition to the private cloud.

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