Clouvider has expanded its London network with the high capacity transit with Zayo

Volta Datacentres in London, UK

Clouvider has expanded its London network with the high capacity transit with Zayo

Dominik Nowacki, of Clouvider Ltd commented:

“We are delighted to announce a sixth carrier for our network, Zayo (AS6461). Zayo will complement our existing mix of carriers: Level3, NTT, GTT, Telia and Cogent as well as LINX and LONAP peerings by providing shorter paths with low latency and higher throughput to Zayo customers, benefiting all our connectivity customers. This is another milestone in our network expansion, turning us into one of the best connected networks in London.”

The team at Clouvider has years of expertise in the provision of high quality customer-oriented network services, providing resilient, low latency connectivity in major Datacentres in and around London. Geographically dispersed network PoPs offer multiple routed feeds to 4 different London Datacentre locations to ensure there is no single point of IP transit failure. Clouvider also provides web hosting, dedicated servers, cloud servers, managed services and private cloud solutions. Clouvider also supplies and direct Tier 1, LINX and LONAP connectivity.

Zayo is a Tier 1 network with global footprint and their dark fibre network provides virtually limitless bandwidth and low latency. Zayo networks are scalable and flexible, allowing customers to easily grow network capacity. Zayo fibre networks are swiftly developing in popularity and the company has just recently completed the development of a 60km dark fibre ring for the city of Montreal, Canada. This dark fibre ring is to be utilised for the provision of all required connectivity infrastructure to meet the needs of the developing South Shore business hub.

Clouvider is one of the most reputable and popular hosting providers in London and operates from 5 secure data centres in and around Greater London area. The Zayo connection will be installed in the new PoP at the Volta Datacentre, and Zayo will provide a diverse dark fibre ring allowing Clouvider to extend network to the Volta Datacentre. The Zayo connection allows customers to benefit from an extremely resilient and high capacity network, offering in excess of 400 Gbps on each link, with very low latency. This additional service will bring the total of Clouvider routing sites to 4 therefore introducing N+3 resilience to our network.

Use of cloud hosting, dedicated servers, colocation or connectivity services from Clouvider helps ensure business clients never experience the stresses of failure or downtime.

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