Press Release: Clouvider chooses Zayo to build London dark fibre ring

Press Release: Clouvider chooses Zayo to build London dark fibre ring

8th May 2017


Clouvider Limited announces partnership with Zayo to build a dark fibre ring for its London sites.

UK cloud hosting specialist Clouvider Limited has announced that it is to work with US communications infrastructure specialists Zayo to build a diverse dark fibre ring which will span the company’s new points of presence and interconnected sites across London.

The new network will take advantage of existing cable infrastructure, enabling Clouvider to increase the capacity of its network as well as provide new services to clients, including MPLS and VPLS circuits and DWDM optical weaves between data centres in the UK’s capital.

Dark networks have many benefits to providers, including better control of the link as well as significantly higher capacity. Dark fibre allows Clouvider to introduce a new service to the portfolio: DWDM links, or dense wavelength division multiplexing, increases bandwidth and allows more data to be sent via optical fibres. Customers can use this service to create their own backbone, backhaul connectivity from anther location, or simply as a resilient alternative to an MPLS circuit as DWDM links are independent from provider’s routers.

A company spokesperson for Clouvider Limited commented on the news, saying: “We are excited to announce that Clouvider has chosen Zayo as a supplier for our new London diverse dark fibre ring. This will allow us to increase capacity as well as deliver new services to our customers.”

Clouvider’s deal with Zayo, a US company with a fibre network which spans more than 115,400 route miles across North America and Europe, signals the ambition of this UK provider and its commitment to providing better connectivity options for its clients.

The company spokesperson said that the partnership symbolised Clouvider’s growing position in the market and hoped that the Zayo link would help to reassure existing and future customers about the quality of the company’s offering.

“Zayo are a global name when it comes to communications infrastructure, boasting 63 data centres in North America and Europe. We’re confident that our new network rollout will offer value to our clients and enable us to grow in the months and years to come.”

About Clouvider Limited

Clouvider Limited provides UK-based cloud hosting and dedicated servers from its base at the state-of-the-art Telehouse North Two datacentre in London and Virtus London Enfield. The company prides itself on its 24/7 customer support and tailors its plans to the requirements of your business.

For further information about Clouvider Limited’s new service offering, please contact the company directly on 0333 344 1640.

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