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DirectAdmin available free on all Clouvider Services

Clouvider Limited is pleased to announce our partnership with DirectAdmin, one of the worlds fastest web hosting control panels.

As part of our partnership now all of our unmanaged VPS & Dedicated Server ranges deployed by Clouvider qualify for free DirectAdmin licensing when processed via our order console.

Applicable Terms & Conditions apply, and are outlined during the order process to activate your license.

Just another one of our value added services; to save you, the customer even more money on your server operating costs.

Find out more about DirectAdmin and see our HA Virtual Private Servers & Dedicated Servers and get your new web hosting environment ready for Summer 2019.

Some of DirectAdmin’s most prominent features include:

  • Database Server Management (MySQL/MariaDB),
  • Web Server Management (Apache 2.4, nGinx 1.15, LiteSpeed Enterprise 5, OpenLiteSpeed),
  • PHP Management (5.x/7.x – mod_php, php-fpm, FastCGI, LSPHP),
  • Pre-bundled Web Applications (phpMyAdmin, Roundcube, SquirrelMail),
  • Mail Server Management (Dovecot & Exim),
  • Anti-Spam Software (SpamAssassin, PigeonHole, Easy Spam Fighter, BlockCracking & rspamd),
  • Anti-Virus (ClamAV),
  • FTP Server Management (ProFTPd & Pure-FTPd),
  • WAF Firewall (ModSecurity),
  • Usage Stats (AWstats & Webalizer)

DirectAdmin also supports integration with CloudLinux, Imunify360 and KernelCare (3rd party products) to offer additional security and end-user features such as Reseller Limits, PHP Selector, on demand anti-malware protection and rebootless kernel patches.

Best Regards,
The Team at Clouvider

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