What you should look for in a dedicated server provider

Posted in Dedicated Servers on 10th October 2017

Using a dedicated server can be cost-efficient and save you time. Making sure you partner with the right provider is key to getting the best out of the service. Things to consider when looking for a dedicated server provider include: Provider experience, expertise and knowledge Make sure your provider has an appropriate level of knowledge of the solutions available and best practices for a business of your size and operations. A proficient service provider will […]

4 reasons it’s time to move your business to a dedicated server

Posted in Dedicated Servers on 2nd October 2017

As your business grows, you’ll eventually need to move from virtual hosting or shared servers to dedicated servers. UK businesses large and small are making the switch – this is not just limited to huge sites with millions upon millions of visitors. Here are four signs that it’s time for you to move up in the server world: You need more resources With a dedicated server, your server is exactly that – yours. No other […]

Things to consider when looking at a dedicated server

Posted in Dedicated Servers on 26th September 2017

A dedicated server can save your business both time and money. However, there are a number of things you need to take into account before you get your server set up. Here are the key things for you to consider: What amount of scaling do you need to account for? In today’s business world, it’s not uncommon for companies to increase or decrease in size quite rapidly. As a result, you need to ensure your […]

The business benefits of a datacentre

Posted in Colocation Dedicated Servers Network on 21st September 2017

More and more businesses are looking to shift operations from individual servers towards networked systems. This has been put down to the fact that the original benefit gained from running your very own server room, is outweighed by the advantages that can be gained through an outsourced solution. Many companies don’t realise that you could save plenty of money and give yourself more resilience by using a datacentre. As a company that delivers high-quality hosting […]

Clouvider launches NVMe Dedicated Servers

Posted in Dedicated Servers News on 15th September 2017

    Clouvider have today announced that they are adding NVMe drive options based on enterprise Intel and Samsung NVMe drives to their Dedicated Server Products. NVMe is an acronym for ‘Non-Volative Memory Express’. It is sometimes also referred to as NVM Express. As SSDs are becoming more common, so too are NVMe drive options. NVMe essentially works as a communications interface and have been developed to specifically work with SSDs to fully exploit their […]

What are the benefits of virtual machine hosting?

Posted in Cloud on 12th September 2017

Virtual machine hosting is becoming more and more popular among businesses looking to get the most out of their storage options. So, what are the benefits to this unique technology? It’s a change, but remains familiar Virtual environments are designed specifically to mimic physical ones. As a result, using virtual machine hosting can feel like far less of a transition for your staff. Changing servers can often mean having to allow for a ‘bedding-in’ period […]

What are the benefits of virtual and cloud servers?

Posted in Cloud on 4th September 2017

Virtual servers can be an effective way to save your business time and, as a result, money. But why is this? Here’s our guide to the different benefits of virtual servers. They’re very scalable One of the main problems businesses have in terms of their IT support is when their needs now out-strip their capabilities. In other words, what does a business do when they’re growing faster than their infrastructure will allow? With virtual servers, […]

Cloud or dedicated servers – which is best for SMEs?

Posted in Dedicated Servers on 29th August 2017

As a small or medium sized business, you’ll be conscious of the cost of investing in technology to help your business grow. Understanding which technology to invest in is critical to help the growth of your business, but knowing which technology will work best for you is in itself a challenge. When it comes to managing your data and your online services, you will want to ensure you are protecting your information and storing it […]

How to improve the security of your dedicated server

Posted in Dedicated Servers on 22nd August 2017

If you’ve decided to invest in a dedicated server, then congratulations: you’ve made a wise decision. As with all network connections, though, there are a number of things you can do to help improve the security of yours. Here, we’re going to go through some of the best techniques for improving your connection security quickly. Chance your SSH (Secure Shell) Listen Port to one that’s different to 22 This is a fairly ‘standard’ port, and […]

Benefits of partnering with a colocation provider

Posted in Colocation on 9th August 2017

There are several benefits of outsourcing elements of your IT and computer functions to an external colocation site. These data centres provide many aspects of an IT department, including the building, bandwidth, power, cooling, and physical security where the customer can base their servers and store their IT equipment. There are several benefits of partnering with a colocation provider, some of which we have listed out below. Cost effective Colocation sites provide customers with the […]

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