Infrastructure upgrades ? – Newsletter

Recently there have been exciting changes to our infrastructure. Clouvider has successfully implemented first part of our network upgrade program. It was a busy year for us and we’re very happy that with thanks to extensive testing and advance planning, we managed to implement all changes without inflicting downtime to our Customers. These improvements prove our commitment to delivering high reliability and high-quality solutions for our Customers. With the completion of phase 1 we’re happy to announce that we’ve [...]


Benefit from a new ‘.london’ TLD – before it’s too late

Benefit from a new ‘.london’ TLD – before it’s too late After a considerable wait, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has introduced the dot London (.london) top level domain (TLD). The question for most London-based businesses therefore is whether or not a London web address will be of real, lasting value. In particular, as most business use some form of digital marketing strategy, it is important to consider any SEO benefits of a new ‘.london’ domain. ‘.com’ [...]