Dedicated servers: a 2017 business essential

Gone are the days of a dusty old server room, or even having no dedicated server space at all. There's no business out there that doesn't need to store data in a secure, safe and resilient place - and if you're not looking at a dedicated cloud server for your business in 2017, then you're definitely behind the times. But don't worry - we can help you get up to speed. Here are some reasons that a dedicated server isn't [...]


What is root access and why is it key when using a dedicated server?

If you have decided to make the leap to using a dedicated server for your business, then there are lots of things to think about. Along with various terms you may come across like SQL storage and bandwidth, you may also hear about root access. While all the different aspects of having your own dedicated server are important, having full root access is premier among them. What is full root access? This is simply the term given within the IT sector [...]