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CDN – Content Delivery Network


How does CDN work?

Clouvider’s infrastructure includes servers in over 170+ locations in 113 cities and 43 countries across the globe.
Every time a visitor tries to download your content, the CDN system will automatically detect the closest server to them and make the content available to download from that server.

What are the benefits?

Simply put, Clouvider CDN provides unprecedented levels of download reliability and speed for anyone in the world. As there’s always a nearby server for every visitor, loading speeds are rapid and consistent at all times.

Is CDN right for me?

CDN is ideal for situations where there is a very large demand for data on a global scale. This may involve video on demand, live video streaming, international software launches or global online marketing campaigns.

Advanced features and support

Clouvider can establish a CDN solution tailored to your needs, budget and data demand. Features include indepth analytics, DNS options and advanced security to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access.
All CDN solutions also come with pro-active technical support to ensure seamless operation.

Three main types of content distribution – which one is right for you?

Web content

Rapid and reliable download of websites, software programs, games, patches and other files.
Supporting virtually all types of data and web files.

Video on demand (VOD)

Delivery of videos on demand up to 1080p with Youtube-like video control. Fast, smooth and reliable playback with minimal buffering. Supporting FLV, MP4 and other video options.

Live Streaming

Fast and reliable live streaming which delivers high quality live video to end users with minimal buffering.
Supports streaming on Adobe, Android, Flash, Apple and Microsoft platforms.

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