Experience a World Class Distributed Network based in London, UK

What makes us different?

80Gbit/s MPLE-TE Core Network

based on Juniper Trio 3D silicon over 3 PoP’s

Interconnected PoP’s within London

with geographically disperse routing sites

Dual Uplinks

physically diverse resilient uplinks to each server

Network mix of best routes

from multiple Tier-1: Level3, NTT, GTT, Telia and Cogent

Direct access to LINX LON1 and LON2

peering with major eyeball networks including BT, Sky, TalkTalk and others

Private Premium Peering

with Liberty Global for best access to their EU Networks including: Virgin Media, UPC, Ziggo and others.

24/7/365 NOC

with UK Support Staff

Network services

in over 50 POP’s

High Availability

What is MPLS and why its important

Multiprotocol Label Switching

MPLS is a type of data-carrying technique for high-performance telecommunications networks. This network technology allows us to distribute our core network over multiple interconnected PoP’s with diverse upstreams in each location delivering the shortest possible route and lowest latency connection on our network.

Our core interconnected datacenters


Several features which our PoP in London Docklands can offer:

High Availability

80Gbit/s Core Network

Dual (Diverse) Resilient Uplinks to each server

Network mix of multiple Tier-1 and Tier-2 providers: Level3, GTT, NTT, Enta

24/7/365 NoC

Direct access to LINX & LONAP Internet Exchanges

Network services in over 50 POP’s


This truly GREEN data centre is powered in 100% by renewable energy sources.

<1.5 PUE

100% Renewable Power Sources

BREEAM “Good” Standard

Close to city but out “Congestion Zone”

4.2Mw Power

33,000 Sqft Facility

Harbour Exchange

Our World Class Network in Harbour Exchange, London

<1.5 PUE

100% Renewable Power Sources

BREEAM “Good” Standard

Close to city but out “Congestion Zone”

4.2Mw Power

33,000 Sqft Facility

Stockley Park

Some top qualities which you can find in this PoP

<1.3 PUE

BREEAM “Excellent” Standard

24MW Power

Over 10,000m2 of net technical space


Our World Class Network in VOLTA

Diverse power routes

Cooling redundancy N+1

2x33kV Substation

12.5MVA Backup Power

Over 8454m2 facility

Several of our advantages which may be important to you

World class datacentres with the personal support of Clouvider

At Clouvider, you get the technology, reliability and support of multiple world class London datacentres with 24/7 security and technical assistance. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re just another number in a monolithic corporation.

With Clouvider, you get first class customer support as we strive to help you with your every need. We learn about who you are and what you do, meaning that we not only understand your hosting needs, but your business needs as well to deliver the ideal solution.

A resilient, highly available network

With over a decade of experience, Clouvider’s team have tailored our network from the start to be exactly what we would expect as a customer.

Resiliency – a minimum of dual diverse uplinks are delivered to each server via parallel routes. This is then followed by geodiverse network stacks with multiple routed feeds over multiple London locations – resulting in no single point of failure.

In short, per machine diverse uplinks ran over multiple locations within London to deliver a multiple feed, stable, high performance uplink.

Industry leading performance

With a 80Gbit Core Network featuring direct links to many of the Tier 1 and 2 backbone providers in addition to many local or regional ISP’s – our network is one of the fastest in the world.

Decrease your latency and increase your throughput with our connectivity options and unique network blend.

You supply your own equipment to give you the most control

Single server, quarter rack, half rack and full rack solutions available

A state-of-the-art London datacentre for the pinnacle of speed, reliability and performance

24/7 on-demand support

UK based with UK engineers

Contact Clouvider today!

for a no-obligation discussion about how our network can help your digital solutions today.