Dual-stage, Enterprise Level, In-house DDoS Protection & Mitigation Infrastructure

What makes our DDoS Protection different?

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Stage 1:
FlowSpec at the Edge

Our first stage in house monitoring and mitigation platform observes against common attack methods and types and drops the ‘bad’ traffic detected on our edge routers preventing it ever reaching your server.

Stage 2:
Corero SmartWall® TDS

Our second stage on premises platform incorporates Always on Corero SmartWall TDS, utilising their SecureWatch ® technology to protect your systems against Cyber-attacks and performing Real-time in-line Anti-DDoS protection.

1.2 Tbit/s+ Total Network Capacity

based on Juniper Trio 3D silicon over 7 PoP’s.

Local Mitigation & Traffic Filtering

no GRE Tunnels or Backhauling in use.

Dual Stage Mitigation

combining each platforms strengths.

Network & Transport Protection

against SYN, UDP & ICMP Flood, Smurf, Reflective DNS, ACK & Push Attacks

Layer 7 Protection

against HTTP & SMTP Floods, Slow Attacks, Sockstress & HTTP POS.

Customised Filtering & Protection

leverage our ability to customise filtering to your requirements.