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What you need to consider before getting a dedicated server


We’ve written before about the benefits of having a dedicated server (and there are a lot of them). Here, though, we’re going to look at what you actually need to consider before you make the leap to having one.

How scalable is your business?

One major consideration for those getting a dedicated server is how easily they can scale their operation. Should their requirements rapidly increase, will it be possible to add more servers? How will this impact the end users? Keeping a database running on multiple servers can be tricky, so it’s worth knowing if this may be a necessary requirement in future.

What impact will downtime have?

Any high-quality, professional IT firm will be able to keep downtime to a minimum during the migration. However, it’s almost impossible to guarantee NO downtime. As a result, you need to be aware of the possibility and how your business will manage it. Many businesses, incidentally, can handle downtime with ease, especially those that don’t have large – or any – databases.

What are your power requirements?

Servers – like normal PCs – can vary substantially in terms of the number of cores (and the individual speed) in their processors. RAM requirements can also vary, though it’s not too hard to add additional RAM later on. Hard drives are a slightly different matter, and need to be backed up in the event of any issues. The key to choosing the right power requirements is, of course, talking to a specialist capable of guiding you towards the right option.

Bandwidth and network quality

Some businesses need a tremendous amount of bandwidth and a seriously powerful network. Others can make do with a basic, functional dedicated server network. Again, this is down to how much data you’re going to consume as a firm. A business constantly transferring huge video files, for instance, will need far more power than a firm just using the web for databases and e-mails.

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