Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed US & EU Dedicated Servers

Clouvider’s dedicated servers give you the pinnacle of server speed, performance and reliability with complete management to take care of all the technical tasks required to keep your dedicated server operating smoothly.

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Why Choose Clouvider? World-class US and EU Datacentres For Optimum Speed & Redundancy

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Your dedicated server will be housed in one of our state-of-the-art datacentres, with multiple backbone network connections delivered via our MPLS network.

This gives you rapid web access so you can impress your visitors with razor sharp loading speeds. 100% uptime is also available via 100% SLA power and network connections.

This supplies multiple power connections, internet connections and backup generators to your dedicated server for no single point of failure.

Pure power for even the most resource intensive needs

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Your unmanaged dedicated server will use enterprise-class Supermicro hardware which is packed with processing power, RAM and disk space to handle even the most resource-intensive needs.

Plus, your dedicated server will never be shared with anyone else – providing fully isolated resources for you alone.

Packed with features and optional extras

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Loadbalancers, dedicated vLANs, backup space and custom solutions are all available to tailor your dedicated server to your exact needs.

Simply tell us what you’re looking for out of your dedicated server and we’ll make it happen.

First class customer support and server management

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Clouvider only uses enterprise-class Supermicro hardware which is packed with processing power, RAM and disk space to handle high-performance applications with ease.

Plus, as a dedicated server, your hardware is never shared with anyone else, so all resources are there for you alone.

  • 1.4+Tbit/s MPLE-TE Core Network
    based on Juniper Trio silicon over 10 PoP’s
  • Personal customer support
    to look after your needs
  • Fully isolated
    so you aren’t sharing server resources with anyone else
  • The latest features
    and optional extras to tailor your dedicatedserver to your needs
  • Unmanaged with full root access
    for the pinnacle of control
  • 100% SLA uptime available
  • The latest hardware
    for powerful performance
  • Access to multiple upstreams
    Tier 1/2 backbones and local IX's & ISP’s for some of thefastest download speeds