Why worry about system administration with a Fully managed VPS?Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Managed Cloud Virtual Private Server

Class-leading speed and resources

Packed with features

100% up time and daily back-ups

24/7 on-demand support

A 30 day money-back guarantee

UK based with UK engineers

Fully scalable

Why our VPS are different?

Genuine 100% uptime – this is how we’re different

Most cloud hosting providers use local or single network storage, meaning that if there’s a storage problem, your website goes down. With Clouvider, you get distributed storage with multiple locations and servers. When this is combined with redundant networks, N+N UPS plants and an N+1 diesel generators, it simply means that there is no single point of failure, so your website will ALWAYS be available at maximum performance.

Incredible levels of speed and performance

You will get one of the fastest cloud VPS solutions available in the UK today thanks to enterprise class Dell servers, state-of-the-art Ivy Bridge processors, LiteSpeed technology, enterprise SAS HDDs and backbone network access in a world-class London datacentre. Impress your visitors with razor sharp loading speeds and rock-solid reliability. We’re also one of the few cloud hosting providers to support the new IPv6.

Fully managed

Make sure that your managed VPS is perfect for your needs with a range of features, including free Anycast DNS, 60 operating system templates, server monitoring, load balancers, dedicated vLANs, free firewalls, root access, cPanel / Direct admin, customer isolation modules and more.

Full management is also included with your cloud VPS, so you can let us worry about the technical tasks while you use your cloud VPS for your needs.

Unprecedented levels of customer support and hosting management

Your cloud hosting space is monitored 24/7/365 by on-site technicians to ensure flawless operation.

UK phone and e-mail customer support are available to provide friendly assistance which looks after your every need. 24/7 on-demand support is even available to solve any pressing issues for total peace of mind.

And finally, a 30 day money-back guarantee !

Fully redundant infrastructure

100% power and network SLA

Latest Dell hardware with Intel Ivy Bridge processors

Free firewall

Deployed in minutes

IPv6 Compliant

Delivered over multi PoP MPLS

London Datacenters

Daily backup