Help us donate to assist Australian Charities with the Bushfire Crisis!

Help us donate to assist Australian Charities with the Bushfire Crisis!

We want to help those down under in Australia move on and deal with the impact of the terrible bushfires that they have been battling for a considerable amount of time and is destroying a large portion of their land, injuring residents and all the animals that call it home.

How can I help you donate?

If you use the voucher code BUSHFIRES during the checkout process for any Web Hosting, FlexiCloud or Dedicated Server orders whilst the promotional code is valid, then we will donate 100% of your first month’s payment to a number of charities that are assisting those impacted by the tragic bushfires.

Why don’t I just donate direct?

We wouldn’t want to stop you doing that if you want to. However, we are running this promotion to assist those who may not be in a position to donate directly. If you order your new web hosting and/or server solutions with us, we will make a contribution on your behalf to the same value of your first month’s order. You get a new service that you may have needed/wanted to purchase anyway, we donate the first months value and Australia’s charities get additional funding and assistance to help those impacted.

Who will we be donating to?

We will be donating 100% of the total sales value for the first month with 50% going to WWF and the remaining 50% to Red Cross Australia to anyone using the voucher code.

How much have you raised?

Once our campaign is over we will update this post to include the figures raised, and when they were donated.

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